Preventing problems is better than solving them.

Help keep your staff productive and reduce the cost of lost time.

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Prevent problems.

Preventative maintenance is one of the cheapest ways to maintain computer dependability, but is often overlooked until there is a problem. Just like your car, regular maintenance and tune-ups allow computers’ components to run reliably and last longer. Our certified technicians can perform routine preventative maintenance on your systems, including physical system cleaning, cooling fan replacement, security updates, antivirus checks, spyware removal and prevention, and much more.

Remote weekend maintenance.

For many small businesses, we set up regular remote maintenance that allows a technician to update and check your computers remotely. As with all of our remote support services, it’s encrypted and completely secure. Best of all, it’s scheduled outside of normal business hours at no additional charge. It’s just one more way we keep the computers running without wasting the most important resource of all — the time of you and your staff.

Our remote monthly maintenance is charged at the regular rate of $75 per hour and rarely takes more than an hour each month to complete. Call (717) 762-8234 x111 to add your business to our schedule or email [email protected] for more information.


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