Data that you don’t have at least two copies of is data you don’t care about.

Protect Your Data

Backup solutions.

When was the last time you tested your backups? Are you sure that the data you really need is getting backed up? What would you do if your hard drive failed right this moment? What if a virus destroyed all of your Word documents? Could your business recover if a fire swept through your home tonight and destroyed everything?

The unthinkable happens every day. Are you sure that your data is backed up? Do you have a copy kept off-premises in case of a disaster? Are you sure that the files you really need are on it?

If you don’t regularly test your backup system, you may be under a false sense of security. Today, you rely on computers like never before. You can’t afford to lose data. Ask us to test your backups.

CermakTech can help you set up a secure backup system that works for your family. Make sure those priceless digital photographs, letters, music, and financial information is kept safe for years to come.

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